Rules & Conditions

  1. There is no participation fee.
  2. Photographs must be taken within the boundaries of Alanya within the last 1 (one) year.
  3. Each person who has reached the age of 18 on the application deadline can participate.
  4. Participants between the ages of 13 and 18 (who are not yet 18 years old) can participate in the Junior category of the competition with the permission of their parents.
  5. Participation in the competition is open to all amateur or professional photographers. First degree relatives of the members of the Executive Committee, the Competition Secretariat, the Jury and the photographers included in the Restricted List of the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey (TFSF) cannot participate in the competition.
  6. Each participant may participate in the contest with a maximum of 4 (four) digital colour or black-and-white works.
  7. Photographs must not insult either people or Alanya. They must not include terrorism, political messages, racism, violence, hatred, suicide, sexuality, nudity. Such photos will be eliminated from the competition.
  8. The documentary structure of the photograph must not be altered. Except for photographic interventions that do not affect the character of the photo, such as light, contrast, colour, grain, etc., photographs with applied Photoshop or any other graphics software effects (e.g. watercolour filter, etc.), photos taken by combining multiple photos and photos taken by digital manipulations will be eliminated. The jury's appreciation is essential.
  9. The photographs created with the HDR (High Dynamics Range) technique and installations of multiple photographs (collages) are not allowed in the competition.
  10. Panoramic photos created by taking more than one photo side by side are accepted to the competition only if the actual images taken during the same time are used.
  11. Photographs that have received any awards in a competition held before or simultaneously with this competition, photographs that have been produced by making changes in colour or frame cannot be included in the competition.
  12. The fact that the photograph has been exhibited and published outside the organization of the competition does not constitute an obstacle to the participation of the contest.
  13. If it turns out that a photograph which has been awarded and/or exhibited in this contest had been awarded before or at the same time in any contest, a violation of the rules will be applied to the participant.
  14. The contestant accepts, declares and undertakes that the photographs uploaded to the website for the competition belong entirely to them, that they are taken within the borders of Alanya according to the subject and that all the permissions have been taken. On the contrary, the code of conduct is considered a violation.
  15. A violation of the rules is applied to the person who makes any kind of intervention and changes to someone else’s work to make the Evaluation Committee mislead and pretend that the work is their own.
  16. Sanctions mentioned in the Article No 13 of the TFSF U / UA Competition Regulatory Standards Directive will be applied to any contestant that violates the rules.
    The participant's prize and / or exhibition is cancelled; the award and / or exhibition space is left blank; awards, exhibitions, titles and gains are taken back. This does not mean that changes will be made to the ranking of other competitors; other contestants who have / have not received the award and the privilege to exhibit do not have the right to claim. If the prize and / or the exhibition cost has been paid, the participant must return it.
  17. Alanya Tourism & Promotion Foundation (ALTAV) may request the original files of the winning photographs with a short edge of at least 2200 pixels and a bit depth of 300 DPI.
  18. The result of the competition will be announced on the websites of Alanya Tourism & Promotion Foundation: and; What is more, all participants will be notified by e-mail.